6 maintenance methods for DL ​​sunglasses and 3 precautions

Many people find that the life span of their sunglasses is not long, and they have to be replaced after a short period of time. In fact, a large part is due to improper use.

Let everyone see how to use it improperly

1. Many friends like to put sunglasses on their heads, collars or pockets, but this will cause your glasses to be damaged.

2. In order to save trouble, many friends put on their glasses and put them in their bags or pockets. It is easy to scratch the glasses lenses by the edges and corners of things such as keys or combs. Don't take it lightly.
3. In hot weather, if a friend of a car family throws sunglasses on the dashboard of the car, the sunglasses may be deformed by heat, especially the sunglasses with plate frames are almost not heat resistant. In addition, beauty products with chemical ingredients, such as cosmetics or loosening agents, can also easily discolor or deform the frame. For friends who love sunglasses, if you spend nearly a thousand dollars to buy sunglasses, of course I hope that the longer it will last, the better. After all, it costs a lot, and it takes 3-5 years to show the value. I will share with you today. The 6 maintenance methods for sunglasses will make your favorite sunglasses stay with you for a longer time.
The 6 maintenance methods for sunglasses are as follows:

   1. If the lens has stains, grease or fingerprints, use the soft cotton cloth in the special sunglasses accessories to wipe the dust or dirt on the lens. Never use nails or chemical products to remove spots on the lens.

   2. When the glasses are not worn, they should be carefully removed and wiped well. When placing it, you should first fold up the left temple (the wearing side is the standard), put the mirror face up, wrap it with a lens cleaning cloth, and place it in a special bag. Take care to prevent the lens and frame from being scratched by hard objects or squeezed for a long time.

  3. It is forbidden to keep in water or soak in water for a long time and place it in a fixed place to be exposed to the sun; it is forbidden to place it near electric current or metal for a long time.

  4. Also pay attention to the sideburns, nose pads and other places where grease and broken hair are easy to accumulate. Remember, do not wash with high temperature water or put it in a humid place.

  5. Take the glasses with one hand, it is also easy to deform the frame.

   6. If the frame is deformed or uncomfortable to wear, go to the optical shop to celebrate the professional to adjust it.
So, how to extend the life of sunglasses?

1. Be cautious when wearing   

   Please use both hands to grasp the temples to take off the glasses, do not take off the glasses with one hand, otherwise the sunglasses will be easily deformed and loose. In addition, don't put sunglasses on top of your head, so as not to damage the hook.     

2. The cleaning method should be correct   

   When dirt, grease or fingerprints appear on the lens, you can use a special lens cloth to clean the lens. It is recommended to clean the lens with water or lens cleaner first, and then wipe with a lens cloth. Never use your nails to remove the dirt on the lens to avoid scratching the lens.     

3. Place the place properly   

  Be careful to remove the sunglasses when not wearing them, and then put them in a glasses bag for storage. Do not store it with hard objects or angular objects to avoid scratching the lens. In addition, fold the glasses when placing them with the mirror side up. In addition, do not put the glasses in a very warm environment that is too cold or too hot, which will cause the frame to deform.
4. Keep away from chemicals   

  Try not to make sunglasses stained with sweat, perfume, cosmetics, medicines and other chemical-containing items, because these items can damage the lenses and cause the frame to fade or deform. Once stained, please clean it in time.

To put it simply, don’t touch the foreign objects, that is, when you are not wearing it, please keep the mirror face up. Do not collide or rub against other things to avoid scratching the mirror surface. Please use a special lens cleaning cloth to wipe the mirror surface. Very smooth, silk-like cloth is not good, but thicker cloth looks better. You can often use shower gel to clean the mirror surface. After washing it, let it dry naturally, or use a good paper towel to gently absorb the water, but do not wipe it with a paper towel. The wood fiber will scratch the mirror surface. With this, your glasses can be used for at least two years.

Post time: Jan-26-2021