How Do Polarized Lenses Work?

How Do Polarized Lenses Work?




Polarized sunglasses are performance eyewear that have many benefits for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Polarized light occurs when light reflects off horizontal surfaces such as roads, water or snow. We can prevent this light from affecting our vision by wearing lenses with vertical filters. Polarized lenses have a special coating that blocks horizontally polarized light. In other words, the filter only allows vertical light to pass through. They protect your eyes from annoying glare while letting unpolarized light pass through. This provides better visual acuity than standard tinted sunglasses.

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Benefits of wearing polarized lenses:

Reduce glare and improve safety
reduce eye strain
better eyesight
Best for those who play water sports
better visual contrast

Why Choose Polarized Sunglasses?

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Reduce reflections and eliminate glare

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Allow true perception of color

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Reduce eyestrain

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Improve contrast and visual clarity

How to tell if your lenses are polarized?

If you're not sure if your sunglasses are polarized, here's a simple test to check: Look at the screen through your lenses and rotate your glasses at a 60° angle. If the lenses are polarized, they will turn black.

How Polarization Works?

The sun's rays reflect light in all directions, so when the light hits a flat surface, the reflected light bounces back into your eyes and is magnified, causing glare. The glare is a real buzz. It can reduce your depth perception, distort your vision and color vision, and even temporarily blind you. not cool.

Ordinary sunglasses are only designed to reduce the amount of light passing through the lenses both horizontally and vertically. But the chemical filters on the lenses of polarized sunglasses are designed to absorb horizontal light waves while still allowing vertical light waves to pass through. Glare is eliminated because light travels through polarized lenses in only one direction.

While polarized sunglasses can improve comfort and visibility, there are certain situations where you might not be advised to wear these lenses. An example is alpine skiing, where you don't want to block the light bouncing off the ice, as this will alert the skiers to the danger they are approaching.

In addition, polarized lenses may reduce the visibility of images produced by liquid crystal displays (LCDs) or light-emitting diode displays (LEDs) on some car dashboards or elsewhere, such as digital screens in ATMs and self-service air pumps.

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Hiking and snow

Polarized lenses are ideal for hiking trips that take you to exposed places like mountain tops, especially in snowy conditions.

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While driving, polarized lenses block glare from slippery roads. Make sure you can read the dashboard display through the lens!

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Fishing and Water Sports

Polarized sunglasses protect your eyes around water by blocking glare reflected from the water's surface.

Should You Wear Polarized Sunglasses?

Whether you're spending time on the water or near the snow, polarized sunglasses offer many practical applications for everyday life. If you really want to protect your eyes from UV rays, it's wise to have a regular pair of polarized sunglasses. However, if your job requires strictly viewing digital screens, such as if you are a pilot, you should not wear polarized sunglasses. If you are unsure whether polarized sunglasses are right for your lifestyle, please contact our opticians for advice.

If your lifestyle requires prolonged exposure to sunlight, you may be exposed to many objects that reflect light horizontally, such as roads, puddles, cars, and buildings. Sudden blindness is likely to occur due to the glare, which is very dangerous for driving. Polarized sunglasses are also a great option if you're an avid golfer, skier, or fisherman.

Polarized lens technology reduces the amount of light that impairs vision on sunny days. Whether you're spending the day on the lake or skiing on the slopes, there's a wide variety of sunglasses with polarized lenses that's perfect for you.

If you're interested in learning about other lenses, read about reflex lenses and more. Once you've determined which lenses are best for you, view the wide range of sunglasses and prescription styles available at DL Glasses.

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