Patrick Mahomes New Signature Oakley Sutro Lite Sunglasses

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Patrick Mahomes is known for his versatile and creative style on the football field. In the history of the game, few QBs can throw invisible bullets, cross-body bombs, side arm ropes or even shovel passes similar to the number 15. Oh, the dude can run when he wants. But few people know that Mahomes’ outdoor style is equally strong. The 2018 NFL MVP prefers high-end streetwear and tailor-made suits, usually with a pair of iconic Oakley sunglasses. In fact, sunglasses have become the core of Mahomes clothing, so much so that he created his own Signature series for Oakley Sutro Lites at the beginning of this season. Although Mahomes was found wearing his Signature Oakley Sutro Lites throughout the fall, he officially unveiled his new sunglasses in the game with Chargers last Sunday. Inspired by Mahomes’ meticulous dressing and these new iconic hues, we decided to review Mahomes’ best time off work and accurately break down the reasons that make his bit so dynamic.
Mahomes keeps it simple here, wearing a Supreme shirt, flannel, black jeans and red high-top shoes, as well as his Signature series Oakley Sutro Lite sunglasses and the first experience of the most responsible mask. The man named “2 PM” created a balanced appearance with simple silhouettes and the interaction between red, black and white, proving that the basic principles of streetwear always worked well, even before major competitions.
Wearing a checkered suit with sneakers can be a little tricky, but Mahomes knows how to nail it, make sure to wear it with cropped pants, and avoid avoiding socks for natural ankles, lest things get too much. busy. Such details help to keep this dress relaxed and sporty, this feeling is only due to his subtle tonal print Louis Vuitton suitcase. Obviously, Mahomes also felt this appearance, because it was the clothes he wore when he walked into the Super Bowl LIV, where he defeated the San Francisco 49ers and won the game’s MVP award.
This look is like an upgraded version of the first Mahomes costumes in this story. By replacing the skating T-shirt with an overall printed Fendi shirt, and choosing fluorescent yellow Adidas runners instead of red high-top shoes, the QB star adds luxurious visual energy to this originally simple outfit.
You already know that Patrick Mahomes can wear the best eye-catching checkered suit, but this kind of clothing relies on small things. His side strap-toe shoes, polka-dot socks and rose gold watches are reminiscent of the sprezzatura mania of the 2010s, while the custom “2 PM” monogram on his shirt sleeves and face mask proves that nailing details makes a difference. Even better, the rose gold lenses on Mahomes’ Oakleys match his watches, and this coordination is very suitable.
It’s one thing to look good, but a purposeful dressing can really make a person fit. By shaking the jersey, Mahomes paid tribute to the legendary black league team Kansas City Monarch and paid tribute to his adopted hometown. It sounds like our grand slam.
That’s it, Patrick Mahomes officially released his Signature series Oakley Sutro Lites before the final regular season game against the Chiefs against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday, January 3. Although you can’t see all the details here, the Signature Sutro Lites series by Mahomes has special features. They are represented in red, representing Mahomes’ current team, the Kansas City Chief and his alma mater Texas Institute of Technology, and also have a sick touch, such as the digital clock print on the stem, which is his nickname “Showtime” and “2pm” Tribute to. , And a lens engraved with the Roman letter “II” (refer to QB’s full name, Patrick Lavon Mahomes II). Just like the live talents of Mahomes, these sunglasses are bold and can express their ideas wherever they go. With eye-catching packaging with a red Burberry hoodie, black bomber and his iconic black jeans, your look will be eye-catching but cool enough not to be overwhelming. Show time indeed!

Post time: Jan-11-2021