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We adheres to the concept of avant-garde fashion design and focuses on visual health. Bring you a healthy and wonderful visual experience!

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Enjoy Ultimate UV Protection with Premium Style, Incredible Durability Designed for Ultimate Comfort and Extended Wear Time

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Why You'll Love DL Sunglasses?

DL GLASSES is a brand created for people who pursue a fulfilling life. Maybe you're just an ordinary person,

But you know how to find the extraordinary in the ordinary and turn everyday experiences into great adventures.

All of our items are 100% authentic and come in the latest styles and colours.

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D&L Industry And Trade (Xuzhou) Co. Ltd. is specialized in sourcing and manufacturing sunglasses, Thereare many series, as promotion sunglasses, fashion sunglasses, sports sunglasses, party sunglasses, sunglasses set, bamboo temple sunglasses and bamboo wood sunglasses. We have ready stocked sunglasses and also could custom logo on every series, we could offer the mock-up service of color preference and logo layout.

Have To Work or Gaming Front Of Digital Screen All Day ?

Why Getting Eye Strain, Fatigue, Digital Headache, Sleeping Difficulty After Computing Or Gaming Hours A Day ?

DL GLASSES Anti Blue Light Glasses Help To:

Effectively Blocking UV A/B & Blue Light Passes Through Cornea Lens And Irreversible Damage The Retina, Anti Glare, Anti-static, Anti Screen Flicker, Electromagnetic Ray Blocking
Shield Eyes Against The Screen Radiation Glare And Protect Eyes From Prematurely Age Or Macular Degeneration
Reduce The Issues Of Blue Light Causing Decrease Contrast And Digital Eye Strain, Fatigue, Sleeping Difficulty, Dry Eyes, Bad Lighting Sore Or Irritated Eyes And Difficulty Focusing.

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But What is Blue Light?

Blue light is a short wavelength color in the spectrum, which means it produces higher amounts of energy.

Lab studies show that excessive blue light exposure may increase the risk for macular degeneration and can damage your retina due to its penetrating ability.

Have you noticed fatiguing eye strain and painful headaches after being on a computer or watching too much TV? That's blue light working its magic on you.

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Blue Light Is Everywhere

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We are surrounded by blue light

Almost all digital devices, including indoor fluorescent and LED lighting and flat-screen TV. Most notably, Computers screen, laptop, tablet, smartphones emit significant amounts of blue light.

Why my eyes getting fatigue after computing?

Too much blue light exposed will cause eye strain and lead to eye problems over time.

Did you realized headache may caused by blue light?

All day Staring at digital screens (PC laptop smartphones TV) that emit significant amounts of blue light may contribute to digital headache. But most people did not realized it.

Why sleepless nights and daytime fatigue?

Too much exposed to blue light late at night (computing/gaming or reading smartphone at bedtime) can disrupt circadian rhythm, potentially causing sleeping difficulty.

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If you need custom-made sunglasses, click here or send an email to directly. We look forward to working with you.

Customized logo sunglasses? ?

OEM custom sunglasses

Today DL GLASSES would like to sincerely inform you that when you search Google for all kinds of customized sunglasses but cannot distinguish how to customize sunglasses, please read on (DL GLASSES provides spot 3 Ship within 2 days, click here or directly send inquiry email to

Custom sunglasses are a very creative and practical product, which can make your sunglasses unique and more personalized. At the same time, there are many issues that we need to consider. DL GLASSES brings you the method of customizing sunglasses:

1. Determine the style and color of your sunglasses. Rectangle, large frame, small frame, triangular cat's eye, oval, circle, etc.; black, pink, yellow, fluorescent color, glow in the dark color, etc.

Fluorescent colors

Glow in the dark

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glow in the dark

2. Select the printing method. bronzing/gold stamp, bronzing/silver stamp, laser, imprint/stamp, print, etc.

压印-镜盒 (2)



bronzing/gold stamp


3. Design and make the logo of sunglasses. Graphics, text, combination of graphics and text, etc.

4. Choose the material of the sunglasses. Plastic, metal, bamboo and wood, environmentally friendly and biodegradable, etc.

wooden glasses
metal glasses
plastic sunglasses
Eco-friendly material sunglasses

wooden glasses

metal glasses

fashion sunglasses

Eco-friendly material sunglasses

5. Confirm the quantity and price of sunglasses. DL GLASSES gives the factory bulk price

6. Order and payment. After confirming the style, printing, design, quantity, etc., you can choose the payment method to pay, and the next step is to wait for your long-awaited product to arrive.

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credit card

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western union

There are many customers emailing us to ask if there is anything else that needs attention. I hope the following points can also help you:

different size

1. Pay attention to the size of your sunglasses. Sunglasses need to be sized to fit your face shape and head size, and not only that, but we also have children's glasses for you to choose from points can also help you:

Welcome to contact us for any inquiry on sunglasses, we will try our best to offer you the top notch products and service to achieve mutual success!

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