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D&L Industry And Trade (Xuzhou) Co. Ltd. is specialized in sourcing and manufacturing sunglasses, Thereare many series, as promotion sunglasses, fashion sunglasses, sports sunglasses, party sunglasses, sunglasses set, bamboo temple sunglasses and bamboo wood sunglasses. We have ready stocked sunglasses and also could custom logo on every series, we could offer the mock-up service of color preference and logo layout.

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We own professional quality management and process inspecion team.

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7 professional factories 500,000 pairs/each factory/per month 3~15 days delivery time

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Q:What should you pay attention to when buying sunglasses?


1. Observe first.

Check the lenses for scratches, impurities, bubbles, and streaks, and check the outer packaging of the sunglasses. Regular sunglasses should be marked with the product name, color, diameter, quality level, manufacturer name, and trademark. UVA and UVB protection should be marked on the mirror or hangtag. Only sunglasses with CE marking can block a certain amount of ultraviolet rays.

2. Check the flatness of the mirror surface.

Hold the two corners of the sunglasses against the fluorescent lamp and let the reflective strips on the mirror roll gently. If you find that the shadow of the fluorescent lamp reflected by the mirror appears wavy or distorted, it proves that the lens is uneven. Such mirrors will damage your eyesight.

3. Choose lens material.

Sunglasses are made of glass and resin, and better sunglasses should use polarized lenses. It is made of synthetic resin that is as lightweight as contact lenses. It is composed of seven layers of thin sheets. The outer two layers are super-hard wear-resistant layers; the second and sixth layers are shatterproof reinforced layers; the third and fifth layers are UV filter layers. , the middle layer is the polarizing filter layer. Polarized lenses can effectively filter out reflected light and harmful ultraviolet rays, and are shatterproof and anti-wear. They are popular sunglasses nowadays.

4. Choose a color that suits you.

In addition to matching the color of sunglasses according to your skin color, face shape, and clothing, you should also choose the color according to the place you enter and exit. Generally speaking, black, brown, and gray have good light filtering effects; gray lenses can absorb any color spectrum evenly, and the scene you see after wearing the glasses will only become darker without obvious chromatic aberration; brown lenses can filter out a large amount of Blue light can improve visual contrast and clarity, and is particularly effective when worn under severe air pollution or foggy conditions.

5.What shade of sunglasses is suitable for us?

A simple self-test method is to put on sunglasses in front of the mirror until you can vaguely see your own pupils. If the color is too light, the filtering effect will be too small; if the color is too dark, it will affect vision and weaken the color perception.

6. Pay attention to the UV marking of the lens.

In addition to reducing glare stimulation and making the eyes comfortable, the main purpose of wearing sunglasses is to prevent ultraviolet rays from causing damage to the eyes. The color of the lenses and whether they are UV-protective are two different things. Even if the lenses are dark, they may not be able to effectively protect against UV rays, so be sure to choose Lenses marked with UV protection. Usually the UV index of sunglasses is between 96% and 98%.

7. Finally, the UV resistance is tested through instruments.

Generally, regular sunglasses stores will have instruments to test the ability of sunglasses to resist ultraviolet rays. Through this test, you can know whether the sunglasses in your hand are helpful to your eye health.

Choose a pair of sunglasses that suit you for summer

In the hot summer, the overly enthusiastic sunshine is unbearable. In addition to protecting the skin from the sun when going out, the eyes that are directly exposed are also the focus of protection. Many people like to wear a pair of sunglasses.

A suitable pair of sunglasses can not only prevent eye damage from strong sunlight, but also serve as an accessory to bring out your own temperament.

So how do you choose the right pair of sunglasses?

1. Comprehensive UV protection

When purchasing sunglasses, you should buy them in regular stores or online stores, and choose sunglasses with product inspection marks. The marks include "lens material, frame material, compliance with standards, name, address and phone number of the manufacturer or importer" to avoid buying from unknown sources. Unknown product.

We cannot tell with the naked eye whether a pair of sunglasses is UV-proof, so when purchasing, be sure to look for signs such as “100% UV-proof”, “UV400”, “UV-proof”, “Blocks all UV rays”, etc. on the product or packaging .

2. Big enough

Relevant statistics show that one of the most common sites for skin cancer is around the eyes, especially the lower eyelids. Choose large lenses that cover your cheeks, or opt for a pair of wraparound sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays coming in from the sides.

3. Don’t make the color too dark

Dark lenses are not necessarily the most protective. The color can only weaken the light but cannot block ultraviolet rays. Moreover, dark lenses will darken your vision and dilate your pupils, which will absorb more ultraviolet rays and burn your eyes.

The color you choose may depend more on when you wear your sunglasses. If you're driving, avoid yellow or rose-tinted lenses, as these colors make it difficult to distinguish colors in traffic lights. Green, gray and brown lenses are better choices when you're driving.

4. Reduce glare

If you spend a lot of time at the beach or other waterside, consider polarized lenses. Polarized lenses filter out sunlight reflected in water and reduce glare from pavement, snow and other flat surfaces. Choose high-quality polarized lenses, as low-quality polarized lenses may not provide protection against UV rays.

5. Wear it snugly

When choosing sunglasses, in addition to appearance and comfort, you should choose styles that fit your face as much as possible. The frames should fit snugly around the face around the eyebrows so the sun doesn't hit the eyes from overhead, and should fit comfortably behind the nose and ears without pinching or rubbing.

6. Keep it carefully

Resin lenses have low hardness and are prone to scratches. Do not throw sunglasses around randomly to avoid lens wear. When not wearing sunglasses, be sure to put them in the glasses case. Resin lenses are not resistant to high temperatures. Do not place sunglasses on a car dashboard in direct sunlight. High temperatures exceeding 60 degrees Celsius in a car in summer will not only destroy the lens coating, but the plastic material will also be easily deformed.

Customized logo sunglasses? ?

OEM custom sunglasses


It is obvious that no matter what season it is, sunglasses are one of the essential accessories in our daily life, and choosing the most suitable one is the most important. Not only does it protect our eyes from UV rays, but it also adds style to our looks. Customized logo sunglasses are more personalized and branded, bringing infinite possibilities to our image and brand promotion.

First of all, customized logo sunglasses can make our image more personalized. In the market, the styles and colors of sunglasses are already very rich. There are also many hot-selling sunglasses styles on our website. Of course, when you don’t want to customize the logo, you can directly choose the style to inquire and place an order, because our products are all Spot goods. But if you want to make your sunglasses unique, you can choose custom logo sunglasses. By printing your own brand logo or personal logo on the lens or temple of the sunglasses, you can make the sunglasses more unique and distinctive.

In our daily life, we need sports sunglasses, fashion sunglasses, and retro sunglasses with matching styles. The following are some schematic diagrams of customized logo positions:

Secondly, customized logo sunglasses can bring more exposure for brand promotion. If you are a company or a brand, then printing your own brand logo on sunglasses will allow more people to see our brand and improve brand awareness and reputation. Especially in summer, sunglasses are one of the must-have items for people to go out, so customized logo sunglasses can allow our brand to be exposed to more people.

In order to customize logo sunglasses for your intuitive experience, we have won the authorization of customers to display logo customization pictures:

Finally, customized logo sunglasses can also be used as a gift or a prize for promotional activities, bringing more surprises and benefits to your customers. If you are a company or a brand, you can launch a custom logo sunglasses activity in the summer. When customers buy your products and share your brand information on social media, you can attract more customers and fans and increase brand loyalty. popularity and reputation.

In order to better improve your purchasing experience, we DL GLASSES have specially launched a complete set of customized series including glasses, mirror bags, and mirror cases. You can choose to customize your brand logo or personalized logo on the product to perfectly reflect your popularity.

glasses case

If you need custom-made sunglasses, click here or send an email to directly. We look forward to working with you.

In short, customized logo sunglasses are a very creative and practical product, which can not only make our image more personalized, but also bring more exposure and benefits to our brand promotion.

If you want to make your sunglasses unique, or want to bring more benefits to your brand promotion, you may wish to consider customizing logo sunglasses to make it your personalized and branded symbol.

Thank you very much for meeting you. DL GLASSES is a traditional sunglasses manufacturing factory from China. We have inherited the craftsmanship of hand-made glasses, so that every customer who buys can experience the unique craftsmanship of DL GLASSES.

Maybe you are a company or a brand, maybe you are looking for a supplier that meets your expectations in terms of product quality, product price, freight price, transportation method, etc. It is no exaggeration to say that DL GLASSES is your first choice. We not only Provide 24-hour online service, and will answer your questions one-on-one.

Yes, you are right, today’s DL GLASSES would like to sincerely inform you that when you search Google for all kinds of customized sunglasses but cannot distinguish how to customize sunglasses, please read on (DL GLASSES provides spot 3 Ship within 2 days, click here or directly send inquiry email to

Custom sunglasses are a very creative and practical product, which can make your sunglasses unique and more personalized. At the same time, there are many issues that we need to consider. DL GLASSES brings you the method of customizing sunglasses:

1. Determine the style and color of your sunglasses. Rectangle, large frame, small frame, triangular cat's eye, oval, circle, etc.; black, pink, yellow, fluorescent color, glow in the dark color, etc.

Fluorescent colors

Fluorescent sunglasses(4)
Fluorescent sunglasses(3)
Fluorescent sunglasses(2)
Fluorescent sunglasses(1)

Glow in the dark

glow in the dark

2. Select the printing method. bronzing/gold stamp, bronzing/silver stamp, laser, imprint/stamp, print, etc.

压印-镜盒 (2)



bronzing/gold stamp


3. Design and make the logo of sunglasses. Graphics, text, combination of graphics and text, etc.

4. Choose the material of the sunglasses. Plastic, metal, bamboo and wood, environmentally friendly and biodegradable, etc.

wooden glasses
metal glasses
plastic sunglasses
Eco-friendly material sunglasses

wooden glasses

metal glasses

fashion sunglasses

Eco-friendly material sunglasses

5. Confirm the quantity and price of sunglasses. DL GLASSES gives the factory bulk price

6. Order and payment. After confirming the style, printing, design, quantity, etc., you can choose the payment method to pay, and the next step is to wait for your long-awaited product to arrive.

credit card
Telegraphic Transfer
western union

credit card

Telegraphic Transfer 

western union

There are many customers emailing us to ask if there is anything else that needs attention. I hope the following points can also help you:

different size

1. Pay attention to the size of your sunglasses. Sunglasses need to be sized to fit your face shape and head size, and not only that, but we also have children's glasses for you to choose from points can also help you:

Welcome to contact us for any inquiry on sunglasses, we will try our best to offer you the top notch products and service to achieve mutual success!

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