Choose/buy a pair of stunning sunglasses in summer?

How to choose and buy a pair of stunning sunglasses in summer?

As a necessary sunglasses for summer travel, there are three functions, one is to increase the beauty (block the face), the second is practical (block ultraviolet light), and the third is to have cosmetic functions (do not believe to look down).

1. What are qualified sunglasses? What are the dangers of substandard sunglasses?

Generally speaking, qualified sunglasses refer to sunglasses that meet the UV400 standard, UV400 refers to the ability to resist ultraviolet light, ultraviolet light is a general term for radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum from 10nm to 400nm.

Human eyes in the case of wearing sunglasses, because the light is dark, so the pupil will be enlarged, this time into the eye of the ultraviolet light will increase than usual, ultraviolet light on the retina of the eye and the lens of the cells have a destructive effect, so sunglasses must meet the UV400 standard, otherwise it will cause the above cellular aging damage, early blindness.

So everyone hurriedly throw away the sunglasses that do not meet the UV standard!!! Click me (see more details) DL brand sunglasses are in line with the UV400 standard, you don't have to worry about this. To obtain the product catalog, send an email to

Sunglasses in addition to anti-ultraviolet function, but also to be able to distinguish different colors of traffic signals, etc., if the color of a pair of lenses can reverse the traffic signal, decisively throw away, the car on the road must pay attention to safety.


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Enjoy Ultimate UV Protection with Premium Style, Incredible Durability Designed for Ultimate Comfort and Extended Wear Time

DL GLASSES factory made sunglasses are stylish, comfortable and highly protected from harmful UV rays. Customizable in both polarized and non-polarized options, these unisex sunglasses reduce eye strain and improve visibility in bright light conditions.

2. Highlight How to choose the color of the lens?



Black As a classic color, black lenses are very suitable for everyday use.

First of all, black itself is the strongest light absorption ability, but here I want to give you a suggestion, that is, black lenses are not suitable for use in the environment where the light is not strong, because too dark vision will cause some reverse damage to the eyes. Especially indoors, don't wear black sunglasses! To obtain the product catalog, send an email to




Brown - brown lenses can fully absorb infrared and ultraviolet rays, is also the most realistic color.

If you often have to drive or encounter fog, and do not pursue fashion bright, it is highly recommended that you choose brown.

Tan lenses are very pleasant to the eyes, after all, we have to see the world through our eyes, so treat them well? To obtain the product catalog, send an email to




Gray - This is a neutral color that does not change the color of the object itself.

Gray lenses can absorb infrared and 98% of ultraviolet rays, suitable for driving and outdoor activities, gray is also a very real color, very suitable for friends who often want to go out. To obtain the product catalog, send an email to

Green - green is also a neutral color system, strong light transmission, suitable for people who are easy to wear eyes fatigue, indoor and outdoor can wear, is a universal color.

But the green lens will make the surrounding discoloration, here I still strongly recommend that you buy our DL GLASSES, we focus on the production of sunglasses for more than 20 years, of course, the color will not be too bad. To obtain the product catalog, send an email to

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Silver - Silver sunglasses are often favored by outdoor people, because mercury lenses are usually coated with a high density mirror, which is easier to reflect visible light,

Especially suitable for long-term outdoor sports people, like skiing, climbing, and what is recommended.A



Blue - Blue film sunglasses are really, really common now, and they look very handsome and fashionable. To obtain the product catalog, send an email to

Blue lenses can effectively dissolve the light reflection brought by blue light, suitable for small partners who often look at the sea and look at the sky.

sunglasses (2)



Yellow - Unlike regular lenses, yellow lenses do not reduce visible light, and can improve contrast and provide more accurate vision. To obtain the product catalog, send an email to

It is recommended that small partners who often act at night (exercise) choose sports glasses with yellow lenses. Yellow lenses can reduce visual fatigue and make the eyes more comfortable.

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Of course, there are many colors of sunglasses on the market now, but DL GLASSES reminds you that the light sunglasses recommended by many net celebrities, such as pink, light yellow, light orange, these can still see the eyes clearly after wearing, basically without any resistance to ultraviolet light and block blue light, there is no protective function for the glasses. If you only take photos indoors, there is no problem, but if you want to use outdoors and driving, you still need to choose the right sunglasses!

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glasses case

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In short, customized logo sunglasses are a very creative and practical product, which can not only make our image more personalized, but also bring more exposure and benefits to our brand promotion.

Customized logo sunglasses? ?

OEM custom sunglasses

If you want to make your sunglasses unique, or want to bring more benefits to your brand promotion, you may wish to consider customizing logo sunglasses to make it your personalized and branded symbol.

Thank you very much for meeting you. DL GLASSES is a traditional sunglasses manufacturing factory from China. We have inherited the craftsmanship of hand-made glasses, so that every customer who buys can experience the unique craftsmanship of DL GLASSES.

Maybe you are a company or a brand, maybe you are looking for a supplier that meets your expectations in terms of product quality, product price, freight price, transportation method, etc. It is no exaggeration to say that DL GLASSES is your first choice. We not only Provide 24-hour online service, and will answer your questions one-on-one.

Yes, you are right, today’s DL GLASSES would like to sincerely inform you that when you search Google for all kinds of customized sunglasses but cannot distinguish how to customize sunglasses, please read on (DL GLASSES provides spot 3 Ship within 2 days, click here or directly send inquiry email to

Custom sunglasses are a very creative and practical product, which can make your sunglasses unique and more personalized. At the same time, there are many issues that we need to consider. DL GLASSES brings you the method of customizing sunglasses:

1. Determine the style and color of your sunglasses. Rectangle, large frame, small frame, triangular cat's eye, oval, circle, etc.; black, pink, yellow, fluorescent color, glow in the dark color, etc.

Fluorescent colors

Fluorescent sunglasses(4)
Fluorescent sunglasses(3)

Glow in the dark

glow in the dark

2. Select the printing method. bronzing/gold stamp, bronzing/silver stamp, laser, imprint/stamp, print, etc.

压印-镜盒 (2)



bronzing/gold stamp


3. Design and make the logo of sunglasses. Graphics, text, combination of graphics and text, etc.

4. Choose the material of the sunglasses. Plastic, metal, bamboo and wood, environmentally friendly and biodegradable, etc.

wooden glasses
metal glasses
plastic sunglasses
Eco-friendly material sunglasses

wooden glasses

metal glasses

fashion sunglasses

Eco-friendly material sunglasses

5. Confirm the quantity and price of sunglasses. DL GLASSES gives the factory bulk price

6. Order and payment. After confirming the style, printing, design, quantity, etc., you can choose the payment method to pay, and the next step is to wait for your long-awaited product to arrive.

credit card
Telegraphic Transfer
western union

credit card

Telegraphic Transfer 

western union

There are many customers emailing us to ask if there is anything else that needs attention. I hope the following points can also help you:

different size

1. Pay attention to the size of your sunglasses. Sunglasses need to be sized to fit your face shape and head size, and not only that, but we also have children's glasses for you to choose from points can also help you:

Welcome to contact us for any inquiry on sunglasses, we will try our best to offer you the top notch products and service to achieve mutual success!

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