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Sunglasses, also known as sunglasses. Sunglasses have come a long way since their invention in the 1200s, and it was only in the 20th century that the world finally realized how beautiful they can be paired with clothing, and sunglasses became a massive style statement. Let’s take a look at the trendy styles from each decade. These styles range from the simplest and oversize looks on the beach to the frames with iconic logos today.


Sunglasses first became fashionable in 1929 when Sam Foster started selling protective tinted eye masks on the boardwalk of the Jersey shore. It took a while for the glasses to become popular among the general public, but early Hollywood stars accepted Foster Grants and other merchants' round-frame glasses (frog glasses), which helped them show the world how powerful these glasses could be. Fashion.

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Simple frog glasses are still becoming more and more popular in this day and age. This decade has focused more on spreading glasses rather than changing the trend. This is also the reason why it has become a classic now!



During the war, the practical flying protective goggles used by pilots on airplanes led to trendsetters trying to reinvent frog glasses in an exaggerated way. The colorful thick frames were as beautiful as blooming flowers.

flower sunglasses



cat eye sunglasses




Cat-eye glasses first emerged during this era, gaining popularity as a major change in the post-war economic boom. The flattering mirrors quickly became one of the iconic styles of the era, with celebrities like Audrey Hepburn leading the charge.


The beginning of the Renaissance, a cultural style that symbolizes freedom, leisure and elegance. Mod (abbreviation of Modernist) style represents the spirit of this era. Like the evolution of social atmosphere and clothing, sunglasses are also changing, and huge square frames have become people's favorite style in this era.

square sunglasses


oversized sunglasses



In this time of great change, sunglasses have become more transparent, opening up the dominant dreams of peace and love. Still huge frames, just changed to more muted colors to create a relaxed vibe, paired with flowing hair and flared jeans.




Authoritative dressing and maximalism reigned supreme among the trends of this decade. Naturally, this also affected the changes in sunglasses, which at this time changed to darker lenses and sharper shapes.

cat eye sunglasses (2)


retro sunglasses


After decades of giant frames, the sunglasses zeitgeist is starting to end the millennium era of bigness in favor of smallness. Celebrities and trendsetters are embracing the compact look more than ever, as they embrace both new sporty styles and a return to the retro feel of round frames.




This decade saw the popularity of low-rise jeans and ultra-sexy crop tops. At this time, sunglasses promoted the rebelliousness of the 1990s in another colorful way. Giant frames in all shapes and colors (think white frames, neon shades and a bunch with designer logos) became mainstream.

big frame sunglasses


fashion sunglasses


In two years we will enter 2020, an era of complex and diverse personalities full of technological culture. The popularity of sunglasses is no longer driven by one-sided styles. You can see a variety of street nostalgia and weird T-stage shows that transcend trends.

Post time: Dec-04-2023

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