What Kind of Sunglasses Do You Want to Wear to The Future?

Once upon a time, we all felt that the big girls wearing glasses were nerds, feeling dull and lacking sense of humor. However, in recent years, many major flyover brands have supported them, and glasses that everyone disliked suddenly became fashion items and became a new trend.

Four-eyed girls used to wear glasses only focusing on functionality, but now they have become more focused on style design. They even equip a variety of glasses at home to match daily styles.
This geek chic trend has been brought from 2019 to 2020. When you see that gucci, to Prada, fendi, chloe, and even Chanel are supporting, I believe that this trend of flat glasses is really unstoppable.
In fact, as long as the accessories are selected well, it will naturally add points to the look. Therefore, as a fashionable girl, you must first learn to choose a suitable frame for yourself.

If humans can realize the hibernation technology in the science fiction novel "Three-Body", what kind of sunglasses do you want to wear to the future?

What kind of sunglasses will be unconventional even in the future, always leading the trend, even beyond the times?

Recently, there are two outstanding science fiction films, "Blade Runner 2049" and "Ready Player One". Both films describe the "future world", but the future world depicted in the two films is completely different. of.

In the world of "Ready Player One", humans have completely relied on the peak experience brought by high-end VR.

The world in "Blade Runner 2049" is drunk and desolate, and omnipotent technology has deepened human loneliness. The most futuristic sunglasses we introduce to you, avant-garde is its characteristic.

In cyberpunk's film and television works, the future world is often shattered. In the future city with skyscrapers and tending to be three-dimensional, there are also a large number of low-level residents and social margins living in densely packed narrow streets. Advanced technology, gorgeous neon lights and tiny individuals, delicate love, hatred and hatred are in sharp contrast.

Beautiful colors are an indispensable element of cyberpunk. In the face of cold technology, colors represent the delicate and rich emotions of human beings. DLL5333 contains exquisite metal frames and gorgeous purple tinted lenses, and the gorgeous colors are unforgettable.

The big cat glasses frame with the retro flavor of the 80s has returned again. In addition to the playful and elegant feeling, the cat glasses have the effect of modifying the outline. Stella mccartney is even more embellished with star patterns. The design is quite eye-catching and can definitely become a highlight in the shape. If you think monochromatic glasses are too common, you can choose tortoiseshell glasses. Tortoiseshell glasses have always been the choice of rich texture, but also can highlight the artistic temperament. The glasses of the same name from German designer wolfgang proksch combine different materials, with caramel tortoiseshell texture frames and metal arms. The frame design is rich in three-dimensionality, which is very suitable for fashionable girls with myopia.

As a girl who loves beauty, besides the functionality, fashion is also very important when buying glasses, right? If you agree, then these decorative design frames are just for you! The eyewear brand for art's sake from London has always focused on glasses that are both fashionable and artistic. This thin cat-eye metal frame is decorated with three pearls on the left and right sides, and the style is very delicate. In addition to for art's sake, this season Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Chloe and other brands also launched a variety of decorative design frames,

The birth of aviator glasses is indeed closely related to pilots. It is the goggles designed by Bausch & Lomb Company for pilots against the stratosphere. It adopts a teardrop-shaped design and is made of a lightweight metal frame. Contrary to the upward design of the cat glasses frame, the lens of Aviator Glasses has a drooping design on both sides, which will make people focus on the lower half of the face. Therefore, it is also more suitable for girls with sharp chins, and those with short and wide faces should try their best avoid.微信图片_20200907150013微信图片_20200907150000


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