In popular opinion, sunglasses are a “summer accessory”, but did you know?

In popular opinion, sunglasses are a "summer accessory", but did you know? Ultraviolet rays in winter are also harmful to the eyes. Even on a cloudy day, UVA and UVB will still reach your eyes. In fact, our eyes are more delicate and fragile in winter. On the one hand, because of the wind, low humidity, and turbid air in winter; on the other hand, the road surface freezes in winter, which will produce dazzling reflected light under sunlight. Therefore, even in autumn and winter, sunglasses can not be less. Studies have shown that snow can reflect 85% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This part of the ultraviolet rays may cause corneal sunburn and "snow blindness". Snow blindness will make you lose your vision for a short time, and the process will bring you pain. Wearing sunglasses is the best way to avoid this. Choose a stylish, lightweight sunglasses that is stress-free even if you wear them all day.
Ready to protect your eyes? Then take a look at the sunglasses we introduced for you.
The Square Frame oversized shades sunglasses are the 2020 newest style.Supersized frames is popular this year.Its design is similar to ski goggles, with ultra-wide frames to highlight bold proportions.

As for thinking of a pair of entry-level glasses that are not too exaggerated, the first choice must be nostalgic classic style. Because its frame thickness is moderate, the style is basic, it is relatively easy to choose the face, and it is still not out of the evergreen design, naturally relatively easy to control and match. The return of the Oversize style frame to the fashion world is really due to gucci. In recent seasons, on the gucci flyover, men and women models have put on a pair of Oversize metal frame styles, with a strong retro color, and exudes a fashionable youth. breath. Because the Oversize style frame can cover most of the face, it naturally has a big effect on the face. Glasses can also be very fashionable. There is always one frame of various styles that will suit you best~


Post time: Aug-28-2020