Is it necessary to wear sunglasses?

Summer is here. Maybe everyone has sunglasses. Today I will talk about sunglasses. Some people wear them and some don’t. Is it good to wear them in summer? Is it necessary to wear sunglasses?♥
1. Of course it is necessary to prevent ultraviolet rays;
2. It's not very useful, I don't wear it every year;
3. Now that young people wear that, can they see the road clearly?
4. No thought, good-looking and fun;
5. Nothing to wear and play;
6. Fashion and personality;
7. I don't know if it's good or not. Anyway, I wear it when I think of it.
Here I can tell you with certainty that sunglasses must be worn, especially when the sun is strong. This is not only for beauty, decoration. Wearing sunglasses has many benefits. Look at what the film says, why not wear them?→
This is because one of the most important functions of sunglasses is to block strong light and prevent harmful rays such as ultraviolet rays from entering human eyes too much and causing damage. If you wear sunglasses in summer, first: it can reduce the adjustment burden of the eye ciliary muscle under strong light, and let people see objects under the habit of natural light. This is the most comfortable time for human eyes. , Second: Wearing sunglasses is not only to block harmful light, at the same time, in windy weather, it can also prevent dust particles from entering people’s eyes. To a certain extent, it has become the best haven for eyes. . According to relevant experts, the sunspot activity has become more and more frequent for many years, which has caused more and more damage to the human body by ultraviolet rays. Especially in Qinghai, Tibet and other plateau areas of China due to the long sunshine time, they are most vulnerable to ultraviolet rays. Therefore, people living in these areas should especially wear sunglasses.
At the beginning, sunglasses only had a large frame and large lenses. Because they looked like two eyes of a toad, they were also called toad mirrors at that time. They were round, and there was only one color, black. Now it’s different. We have several kinds of wide-sided, narrow-sided, square, garden, long, and partial. There are also more colors, red, green, yellow, and amber. Let people choose. It’s dazzling. Now there are many kinds. I have a lot of options, but I have no idea. But not all colors are good for the eyes. In addition, the sunglasses you like don’t necessarily suit you. Let’s talk about the color of the sunglasses first. The problem.
At present, the production materials of sunglass lenses on the market are basically the same as myopia lenses, and they are also divided into two categories: glass and resin, but the processing technology of the two is different. The glass lens sunglasses are mainly mixed with glass materials with special absorption. Nature metal salts, such as glass lenses with nickel and cobalt added are purple, glass lenses with cobalt and copper added are blue, and sunglasses with resin lenses mainly use the immersion dyeing method, which is to soak the lenses in organic pigments. Coloring is done in hot water, but no matter which coloring method, the color of sunglasses must be good for our eyes. Then, in the face of so many colors of sunglasses on the market, which one should we choose?

Expert: From the perspective of human physiology, gray, green, and brown colors are good for human eyes. Too dark or light is not good.
Sunglasses with too dark colors are likely to cause traffic accidents due to poor traffic signal recognition capabilities. Sunglasses with too light colors cannot block the sun. At present, only red, green, and yellow sunglasses are only used for traffic signal recognition in China. There are strict regulations on ability, and there are no relevant regulations on other colors, but here is a trick, you may wish to try it when choosing sunglasses: that is, you must try on the sunglasses when you buy, and see the color difference of the surrounding environment, and the color difference is small. Generally speaking, the color of sunglasses is more appropriate. We all know that one of the most important functions of sunglasses is UV protection. In this interview, the reporter learned that many consumers believe that dark-colored sunglasses must be anti-purple line, and light-colored sunglasses are not UV-proof. So in the end Is it true?
Below we have done a comparative experiment: three kinds of brown sunglasses with the same brand and the same material, but with different shades. The test results show that the three curves eventually reach the same coordinate point, which proves that the anti-ultraviolet function of the three kinds of sunglasses is the same. It can be seen that sunglasses are not anti-ultraviolet. It has nothing to do with the color of the mirror, but with the lens. The production materials of the sunglasses are related to, if the sunglasses are produced with anti-ultraviolet materials, then they are sunglasses with anti-ultraviolet functions.
There are two mirrors, one resin and one glass. There are also ways to distinguish: whether it is a resin sheet or a glass sheet, the lightness of the resin and the heaviness of the glass; you can also tap it with your hand to listen to the sound. Good sunglasses are more than just UV protection, they also have several requirements.
First of all, good sunglasses should have no degree. Nowadays, some inferior sunglasses use materials and processes that do not meet the standards. As a result, some sunglasses have a degree when they are produced. This degree is very small and generally not easy to be detected. Wearing it for a long time will hurt our eyes, so what should we do?
You can find a book or newspaper with words. You can also move the mirror up and down away from your body. If you find that a horizontal object in the distance is jumping, it also proves that the sunglasses have a degree. Of course, you can't choose this kind of mirror.

It is very useful. You can’t see anything with the naked eye. Wearing sunglasses, or scenery or people fishing on them, proves that the sunglasses have good light transmission performance and are good for human eyes, but this method is only suitable for polarization. Lens sunglasses, so-called polarizers, are not some special materials for lenses, what's the matter?
Simply put, light is refracted when it encounters the surface of an object. This process of refraction is called polarization. Under normal circumstances, when sunlight hits the surface of the lens, the light waves are "graded" on the mirror surface, that is to say, all light waves are transmitted in the same direction, which will cause the common people to say "dazzle". "Light" is particularly dazzling, so what should I do? People try to find a way to use a special filter film and clamp it in the lens to filter out the glare in the reflected light. The sunglasses produced by this technology are called polarizers. This kind of mirror has good light transmission. It can see through the glare caused by underwater, heavy snow, and ice, and can also see the wet road. The color is real, the perspective is good, and a better mirror. This method is only applicable to the light transmittance of polarized lenses, and many of them are non-polarized lenses. How to do? At present, there is no regulation on the visible light transmittance of sunglasses, so it can only be seen by the naked eye. After wearing it with good light transmittance, it is best to be able to see your own eyes; but whether it is polarized or unpolarized, good sunglasses can still be worn. Should suit you, what do you mean? Not only do you wear it comfortably, but it also looks good when others look at it. Someone wears a good mirror, so you can look awkward no matter how you look at it. It must fit the shape of your face.
Glasses consultant: There are roughly three types of human faces: long, garden, and national character faces. What kind of mirror is good for them?
When choosing sunglasses, you must also pay attention to the color of the sunglasses that must match your skin tone. Generally speaking, people with white skin are better to choose sunglasses, because people with white skin are suitable for any color, and the skin is darker and a little yellow. Friends, I suggest you try green sunglasses.
Sunglasses are popular this year. The earliest kind of frog mirrors has resurged, but it is not suitable for people with small faces. This year, frameless, screw-like mirrors are also popular. Young people buy more, with diamonds on the frame. Generally speaking, there are many middle-aged candidates, so there are two points to remind you: you can’t take it often. The light is strong outside, and some people even take it after entering the house. In fact, it’s not good. First, it’s a long time. Compression of the eye nerves, visual fatigue; the second is always carried, very dark, so that the pupils have to constantly expand in order to see distant objects, so the eyes are very tired.

Post time: Apr-20-2021