Top 12 sunglasses trends for 2023 spring summer

As a professional manufacturer of top-level sunglasses, our designers will have a lot of things in mind—the fashion trends, styles, and color combinations that will become mainstream in the spring and summer of 2023, so as to plan and decide which styles to produce. Types of sunglasses listed, colors and packaging designs for that time of year.

We've been researching market trends and have compiled the following 12 sunglasses that will lead the market in Spring/Summer 2023.

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#1 Women's Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses are available on the market throughout the year 2020-2022. But I still put them at the top of the 2023 list for a reason. The collection has been a favorite of 2022 due to its simplicity and visual impact. With its rising hot search, it will continue to lead the market in the spring and summer of 2021.

Women's Oversized Sunglasses

#2 Cateye Sunglasses for Women

Cat eye sunglasses are a more feminine shade. It has been favored by women for many years, because this series of eyewear styles will make your face look thinner, with a sense of luxury and glamour. It has become one of the classic must-have accessories to wear all year round.

#3 Round Designer Sunglasses

Vintage styles have been in vogue over the years, both in clothing and accessories. Colorful round frame sunglasses are one of them, nearly 70-80% of retro round frame sunglasses are unisex.

#4 Flat Sunglasses

The graph below shows that the popularity of flat sunglasses is still on the rise. In most cases, this type of frame is large, giving people a very simple and elegant feeling.

Flat sunglasses

#5 Aviator Sunglasses Trend

Compared with other series, aviator sunglasses are timeless classics. Every year, tons of cool eyewear designed by aviators hit the market. The trend of this collection turned to the creativity of lens tint. In 2023, more fresh and bright lens colors will become fashionable among young people, such as translucent colored lenses and mirrored lenses.

#6 Ladies’ Square Sunglasses

Oversized square sunglasses can shape your face. It usually attracts a certain number of groups. A great choice if you want to add a simple yet elegant addition to your 2023 collection that showcases your strong personality.

#7 Colored Plastic Sunglasses

There's no doubt that brightly colored lenses are a frequent feature on the brand's fashion shows. This type is deeply loved by the post-80s generation. It is more sought after by the post-90s and post-00s, because its fashionable color design is slightly exaggerated than the old-school style. By matching with clothing, it strongly shows a person's cool personality, which is suitable for street photography and becomes a highlight.

Different translucent plastic frames are paired with translucent PC lenses of the same color, which has become one of the designer's favorite works. Eye-catching is the crystal nude frame with light brown lenses, and other color sets are also popular, such as light blue lens sunglasses, pink lenses, red lenses, orange lenses, etc.

#8 Ladies’ White Sunglasses

White sunglasses seem to be more popular in the market as it is often seen in the catwalks of different fashion brands. So we did a market analysis and it looks like our guess was right - demand for white plastic framed sunglasses is on the rise. At the same time, we found that big names such as LV and Moncler have launched white sunglasses. The classic combination of white plastic frames and black lenses can also bring a touch of coolness to the hot summer.

#9 Embellished Sunglasses

This type is more of an ornament and is usually more exaggerated in design. Especially loved by young girls, because the edges of the glasses have various exaggerated designs, which perfectly show the strong personality of young people.

#10 Skinny Fashion Sunglasses

These slim, stylish sunglasses hark back to the '50s through the '90s. In 2019, this retro style is starting to make a comeback. With narrowed lenses and no UV protection, many would consider it gaudy. But it does not prevent people from pursuing its fashion and elegance. Men prefer square styles, while women prefer cat-eye styles.

#11 Mirrored Designer Sunglasses

According to the analysis of GOOGLE TRENDS, sunglasses with mirror lenses became popular from 2016 to 2019 after a slight cooling down. In 2023, the market size of this series will remain stable, and people will never tire of its fashion. Brown lenses, G15 green lenses, and REVO coated lenses are more colorful than pure dull black. These types of colors are easy to match with clothes and overall look cool and stylish.

#12 Geometric Sunglasses

Geometric sunglasses are also very popular in recent years. With its UV protection, it's also a stylish accessory that will definitely make you a hit on the street.


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