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DLR801 THE ULTIMATE READING GLASSES COLLECTION, READERS FROM EVERYDAY TO EXTRAORDINARY; Factory wholesale low price and low MOQ, multiple repurchase can be matched with glasses jewelry discount promotion

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Over 20 years ago, we invented the concept of designer reading glasses. We brought people (ourselves included) a way to escape the dismal offering of drug store readers without having to pay for expensive prescription reading eyeglasses at a traditional optical store. (more)

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Advantages of reading glasses

When looking at different types of glasses, it seems that reading glasses and computer glasses each fall under a specific category, leading many to wonder are reading glasses and computer glasses the same?

While on the surface reading glasses and computer glasses appear very similar, their specific purposes are different. This doesn’t mean the two are mutually exclusive. It’s possible to have the benefits of reading glasses and computer glasses in one lens.

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Pick the right reading glasses for you

For computer work, most people can get by with low-power reading glasses (+1.25 to +1.5). For reading things that are closer, stronger glasses might be in order (+2.0 to +2.5). As you age, the power you need likely will increase..

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The reading glasses can be easily brought

Eyestrain and even nausea can result from putting on reading glasses that don’t have the proper lens power.
Lower-quality, less expensive reading glasses may be made with low-quality lens materials, which can cause vision distortion, color distortion or glare. This can contribute to difficulty focusing when reading. It is worth spending a little extra to get better visual quality

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When do you need reading glasses?

Just about anyone in their 40s and beyond will, at some point, need reading glasses (or another type of near-vision correction).

Reading glasses help compensate for diminished vision related to presbyopia, the normal age-related loss of the ability to focus on up-close objects, such as words in a book or a text message on a smartphone.

Dr. Michelle Andreoli, an Illinois ophthalmologist and clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, says you typically realize the need for reading glasses if you encounter trouble reading small print when you’re tired and when lighting in the room is dim, or if you find that it’s easier to read something when you pull it a little farther away from your face.

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