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5107 Functional safety sports glasses mainly used in snow environments to provide special protection for human eyes and heads.Ski goggles are also a kind of protective equipment that can slow down the impact in the snow environment and protect the eyes from foreign objects such as branches and snowb

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Ski goggles are manufactured in strict accordance with the national GB14866--2006 (China) standard. We purchase high-quality special polymer materials, adopt new technologies and strive for excellence in lens technology, and strictly follow all processing procedures. We adhere to comprehensive and strict QC inspection and Experimental data testing is carried out to ensure that technical indicators such as optical performance, sports protection, and dust protection of ski glasses fully comply with industry standards and national standards.

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Skiing is a very challenging and technical outdoor sport with certain dangers. (Other outdoor sports in snowy environments also require ski goggles) Human eyes are the weakest organ in the body. The snow environment where skiing is located can easily cause snow blindness. It is also easy to hurt the eyes when falling during high-speed sports. In addition, the cold wind during sliding is very harmful to the eyes, so ski goggles are needed to protect skiers' eyes.

Ski goggles are divided into alpine goggles, platform goggles, cross-country goggles, freestyle goggles, etc. A good pair of ski goggles can perform the following functions:

1. To prevent cold wind from damaging your eyes, the operating temperature should reach minus 30 degrees, and the frame lenses should not be brittle.

2. The high-quality mirror coating prevents ultraviolet rays from burning the eyes and effectively filters out light harmful to glasses. While maintaining brightness and a wide field of view.

3. The air circulation design and anti-fog materials ensure that the mirror surface does not fog up, and the glasses should conform to ergonomics and not shake. The mirror strap has good elasticity and suitable length and width.

4. The frames and lenses are made of soft special materials, and polycarbonate (a special plastic) is commonly used. The glasses only deform under the action of external force, and should quickly return to their original shape when the external force is removed.

5. After an accidental fall, even if the glasses are broken, they should not cause damage to the face. In some areas there are standards for impact resistance.

6. Players who wear glasses are recommended to choose ski goggles that can wear glasses. If you wear contact lenses for skiing, be sure to keep your eyeballs moist to avoid visual fatigue.


what are the characteristics of outdoor glasses with different mirror colors or how are they different from each other?

In outdoor activities, especially plateau areas with strong ultraviolet rays, white ski resorts and places with dazzling light, many travelers use outdoor glasses to block the dazzling light to reduce fatigue caused by eye adjustment or damage caused by strong light stimulation.  

1. Characteristics of different mirror colors and suitable groups

1. The gray film is a neutral color system and can absorb any color spectrum evenly. Although the scene will become darker when viewed, there will be no obvious color difference and can show a true and natural feeling. Suitable for outdoor activities like sightseeing and photography.

2. Blue-gray lenses are similar to gray lenses and are also neutral lenses, but they are slightly darker in color and have a higher visible light absorption rate. If the lighting in outdoor activities is particularly strong, you may consider wearing blue-gray eyewear.

3. The surface of the mercury lens adopts high-density mirror coating. Such lenses absorb and reflect more visible light and are suitable for people who exercise outdoors for long periods of time.

4. Brown lenses filter out a large amount of blue light, which can improve visual clarity and contrast to a certain extent. If the air pollution in your environment is serious or foggy, wearing brown outdoor glasses will provide better visual effects.

5. In addition to absorbing part of the light, green lenses can maximize the green light reaching the eyes, so they have a cool and comfortable feeling, and are suitable for those who have easy eye fatigue.

6. Yellow lenses hardly reduce visible light, but in foggy and dusk times, they can improve contrast and provide more accurate vision, so they are also called night vision goggles by travel friends. Some young people also wear yellow lens "sunglasses" as decoration.

7. Other mirror colors such as light blue, light pink, etc. are more decorative than practical.

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