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21119 square sunglasses can provide a wider field of view, as their lens area is larger, effectively blocking out sunlight and other glare interference. Whether you're trying out new fashion trends or seeking better eye protection, square sunglasses are a great choice.

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Acetate sunglasses have several advantages. Firstly, they are very lightweight, making them comfortable to wear. Secondly, they are highly durable and can withstand everyday impacts and friction. Additionally, acetate sunglasses have great adaptability, suiting various face shapes and styles. Acetate also offers a wide range of color and texture options, providing more fashion choices. Lastly, acetate material is relatively affordable, making it a more budget-friendly option compared to other high-end materials. Therefore, acetate sunglasses are a stylish, practical, and cost-effective choice.

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Acetate sunglasses have the following characteristics:

1. High-quality material: acetate is a material made of cellulose and plastic compounds, with good scratch resistance and durability.

2. Unique appearance: acetate material can be dyed and polished, so it can be made into a variety of colors and textures, making each pair of acetate sunglasses unique in appearance.

3. Lightweight and comfortable: acetate material has a relatively low density, so acetate sunglasses are relatively light, making them more comfortable to wear. 

4. Eco-friendly and sustainable: because acetate material is renewable, making acetate sunglasses has a smaller environmental impact and can reduce the use of plastic.


Acetate sunglasses have some drawbacks despite their many advantages

such as being lightweight, durable, and affordable. Firstly, acetate material is relatively fragile and susceptible to scratching and breaking. Secondly, compared to other frame materials, acetate sunglasses have less elasticity and may not be suitable for certain sports or high-intensity outdoor activities. Lastly, acetate has some variable chemical properties and prolonged exposure to strong sunlight may cause discoloration or loss of transparency. Therefore, it is important to carefully choose the style and brand of acetate sunglasses that best suit your needs.


Acetate sunglasses are suitable for the following methods of logo printing:

1. Printing: acetate material can be printed with logos using traditional printing techniques such as screen printing and heat transfer. These methods are suitable for simple logos and text, and can achieve clear patterns or text on the surface of acetate.

2. Engraving: Due to the slight flexibility of acetate material, it can be engraved using laser or other suitable engraving techniques. This method is suitable for complex logo designs and can achieve fine engraving effects on acetate material.

3. Embroidery: Embroidering the logo on the acetate frames is a more durable and unique option. This method is suitable for logo designs that require longevity and texture.

Regardless of the chosen method, it is recommended to conduct thorough testing and experimentation before producing the logo to ensure the selected method can achieve the desired effect on acetate material.


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